Concert Recordings Are Available!

Concert recordings are available on CD (compact disk), cassette tape, or DAT (digital audio tape) media. CDs and DATs are full digital fidelity stereo. The concerts are recorded digitally at CD quality on DAT tape. For CDs and DATs, the sound reproduction is at the same quality. The casette tape are produced from the DAT of the concert directly and are recorded with a studio quality cassette recorder.

Please note that these are recordings of live performances. The CDs are CDR blanks recorded with a CDR recorder and may not play correctly with some low cost CDROM devices.

Cassette tapes, DATs and CDs of all concerts are available now.

For DATs and CDs, concerts that have been prepared are:

New Choral Music on July 24, 1998 at Calvary Presbyterian Church.
(available on July 31, 1998)

Composers' Showcase on March 8, 1998 at Star Classics Recital Hall.

To obtain copies of SGLC concert recordings, send a request by E-mail or snail mail to SGLC, P.O.Box 14521, San Francisco, CA 94114. The information required in the message is name, shipping address, phone number if possible, whether an SGLC member or not, number wanted of which media of which concert. Use the table below to determine costs of recordings. Payment must be included with all orders except those for members delivered at meetings where payment can be made on delivery. Make out checks to SGLC. Use this link to send an E-mail order message. Be sure that your reply address is correct or your mail will necessarily be ignored (because SGLC cannot reply to it).

Please note that all recordings are copyright SGLC and all rights are reserved including duplication of the recording. Personal use of the recording is allowed. Any broadcast or performance use of these recordings do not require performance fees, but SGLC must be notified in advance of such usage. An E-mail message is sufficient. Please identify the broadcaster and station. Use this link to send E-mail or send a postcard to SGLC. Thanks.

California, Other US or International Media:
CD or DAT 
SGLC Member  Cost for One Recording  Tax on One Recording  Shipping & Handling for One Recording  Total for one Recording
 California  Cassette  Member $10.00 $0.85 $1.50 $12.35
 Other US  Cassette  Member $10.00 $0.00 $1.50 $11.50
 International  Cassette  Member $10.00 $0.00  See Note Below $11.50+
 California  CD or DAT  Member $15.00 $1.28 $2.50 $18.78
 Other US  CD or DAT  Member $15.00 $0.00 $2.50 $17.50
 International  CD or DAT  Member $15.00 $0.00  See Note Below $17.50+
 California  Cassette  Nonmember $12.00 $1.02 $1.50 $14.52
 Other US  Cassette  Nonmember $12.00 $0.00 $1.50 $13.50
 International  Cassette  Nonmember $12.00 $0.00  See Note Below $13.50+
 California  CD or DAT  Nonmember $18.00 $1.53 $2.50 $22.03
 Other US  CD or DAT  Nonmember $18.00 $0.00 $2.50 $20.50
 International  CD or DAT  Nonmember $18.00 $0.00  See Note Below $20.50+

If your delivery address is not in the US, costs are the same except for shipping and handling. Please contact SGLC for shipping and handling costs internationally. For international orders all prices are in US dollars and may be paid in any financial instrument that can be cashed through the US banking system.

Sales tax of 8.5% is added for California addresses as reflected in above tape.

Allow three weeks delivery time after check arrives at SGLC.