Selected Sound Files of SGLC concerts

Sound Files are all in compressed QuickTime format. QuickTime can be downloaded from Apple Corporation and is implemented for the Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems. All files on this page are monaural and at 11K or 22K sampling frequency to reduce the amount of time to download and the amount of space on the website.

You must have quickTime installed to listen to the sound files on this site. QuickTime movies have been chosen to place sound files on this web site because the file sizes are moderate for quite good fidelity. QuickTime is available from Apple Corporation for either the Windows or Mac platforms. Use the following link to obtain it.

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New Choral Music, Concert on July 24, 1998. Copyright by SGLC 1998
With the Sanford Dole Ensemble (SATC Chorus) - All pieces are with chorus.
Total concert time is 76:10. A stereo CD may be obtained for all the music except at the full fidelity
Jeff Young (2:26)
From Songs of Innocence: five poems of William Blake (1993-1994)
Cradle Song (complete) (download of 448 KB)
Gary E. Ruschman, tenor; Gina Domenici, Alto Flute
Ruth Huber (5:31) (complete)
And If (1997) (download of 992 KB)
Leah di Tullio, clarinet: Dwight Okamura, piano
Alan Stringer (4:16)
The Waking (1997) (complete) (download of 784 KB)
Warner Jepson (5:06)
Oedipus (1997) (complete) (download of 982 KB)
Narrator, Jay Moorhead; Jocasta, Elspeth Franks: Oedipus, Justin Taylor; Dwight Okamura, piano
Peter Bellinger (2:05)
from Feathers: Four Songs about Birds (1997)
Brainwashed (download of 1475 KB)
Dwight Okamura, piano: David Hatt, organ
William Severson (2:33)
Please Don't Ask Me to Leave You (1979; arranged 1998) (download of 480 KB)
Leah di Tullio, clarinet; Dwight Okamura, piano
Dwight Okamura (2:59) (coming - not yet)
from Three Songs on Texts by Marguerite Radcliffe-Hall (1993)
At the Shrine of Aphrodite (download of x KB)
Dwight Okamura, piano


AIDS has devastated the arts organizations of the US, and SGLC has not been spared. Both composers, Charlie Buel and Dennis Lindholm were cut down in their prime by AIDS. We at SGLC feel their loss deeply.


Concert on March 7, 1993. Copyright by SGLC 1993.

Dennis Lindholm (6:48) (complete)
Jazz Set (1987-1992) (download of 1.2 MB)
l'Aperitif - Rockridge Swing - Wistful Dream - Jabberwalk
Composer at the piano

Concert on November 8, 1992.  Copyright by SGLC 1992.

Charlie Buel (3:48) (complete)
Indian Summer (1992) (download of 720K)
Cheryl Keller, soprano; John Martin, flute; Karen Wells, clarinet;
Carol Reitan, 'cello; Andrew Iverson, piano

Sound files on this page prepared by a Macintosh 8500 with a Digidesign Audiomedia III PCI card with ProTools software connected to a SONY R500 DAT recorder to recover the digital sound recorded on a DAT recorder at the concert.