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Sorry, but SGLC has no longer functioned since 1996?, but if you have any interest in resusicitating it, please contact


Our next concert

Our next concert, on July 24th in San Francisco, is devoted to "New Choral Music". For more details go here (text).

Go here to see an attractive poster for this concert (JPEG 144k).

Concert was a success!!, and we have had many favorable comments from the audience. The Society is offering the recording to the general public. Availability of the copies is Friday, July 31. Click here if you wish a copy of this concert.

Who are we?

The Society of Gay and Lesbian Composers is a composers' cooperative established in 1985 to encourage the distinctive work of gay and lesbian composers, to provide opportunities for the performance and dissemination of their music, and share ideas. SGLC is a membership organization whose responsibilities are performed by volunteers.

What do we do?

The Society produces concerts three times per year, and all members are welcome to present compositions on these concerts. Concerts are devoted to music by member composers and are open to all styles of music. (Recent concerts have featured songs, piano music, folk music, cabaret, blues, chamber music, choral music and electronic music.) SGLC provides the hall, the program and a piano, and does the publicity, while each participating member is responsible for providing the performers needed for his or her works. Members reside in all parts of the country, but the largest and most active contingent is located in the San Francisco Bay Area; approximately 25% of the membership lives outside of the Bay Area. A committee facilitates performances for composers living out of the area who request assistance (finding performers, distributing music, coordinating rehearsals and other tasks that may arise). Such requests should be made on concert reservation forms well in advance of the concert. All concerts are recorded digitally. Concert recordings are available to members and the general public. They may be obtained on DAT tape, cassette tape and compact disk media. Use this link to order.
Monthly meetings are held in the San Francisco area, generally on the third Wednesday of each month, in the homes of various members. Those attending, including visitors, can present their music (live or tape) or discuss music of other composers or related topics of interest. Short-term compositional challenges are planned at meetings occasionally. Socializing follows the meeting. The location of the meetings are announced in the newsletter.
A monthly newsletter keeps members informed about current activities and regularly reports competitions, calls for scores, and other opportunities. The newsletter is available to members to communicate their activities, as well as for articles, reviews, etc.

What are Special Projects?

Approximately every 12-18 months all members are invited to submit music for special performance-related projects dedicated to a medium chosen by the membership. Members share in the expenses according to their means. This gives composers who otherwise couldn't afford to hire larger ensembles a chance to get their music heard; these projects often involve larger forces than individual composers are usually able to provide. Donations are sought for the performance fees and the Society pays for the concert production costs. The ensemble or medium gives a unity to these concerts, notwithstanding the stylistic variety among the composers. Special project ensembles have included string quartet, men's chorus, saxophone sextet, and an ensemble of soprano voice, flute, clarinet, cello and piano. A concert for mixed chorus, piano and organ is currently in preparation. Non-performance projects have included establishing an outreach to local performing groups, publishing a catalog of members' works and organizing a roster of performers.

How can I become a member?

Membership is open to all composers. Dues are $40 per year, or $10 quarterly. For membership information or to request a newsletter, contact Membership fees should be sent to SGLC at P.O. Box 14521, San Francsico, CA 94114. Checks or money orders should be made payable to SGLC. Please do not send cash.
For people who are interested in supporting the goals of the Society but who are not composers, Friends of SGLC was formed. For an annual donation of at least $20, Friends receive a cassette with excerpts from concerts of the previous season or admission to each of the Society's three annual concerts.

How do I get more information about SGLC?

Visitors to this page are welcome to contact SGLC for any additional information. You are encouraged to refer any friends who may be interested in our group to us. We appreciate your interest in SGLC and hope that the Society will be able to provide you with the opportunity to promote your music and connect with other gay and lesbian composers. We also welcome your comments and suggestions.

How can I hear samples of SGLC composers' works?

We invite you to listen to clips of SGLC composers' works at this link.

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