How to get a composition of music engraved to PDF format

by Micro Pro Musica Press over the internet
from anywhere on the internet.



PDF format can be read using ADOBE Reader software
available here


Engraving is only done for manuscripts with standard music notation. Engraving is done on Macintosh's with Finale 2006 and results in publishable or almost publishable quality music in PDF or paper form. Please note that we only speak English though we accept manuscripts with lyrics in any language written with Latin characters. For Hebrew, Greek and Cyrillic character languages, please inquire.

1. Get a quote by sending your scanned manuscript as an attachment by email. You will need a scanner for this, Please send a format that my computer can understand. It understands at a minimum PDFs, JPEGs, TIFs and GIFs. Our email address is Please send your phone number because spam filters can junk your email, so we can contact you if your or our email goes awry. Please send scan quality of at least 72 x 72 per inch though more than 75 x 75 per inch is preferable.

We will quote on music delivered physically to our address. However, do not send originals only copies. Our snail mail address is Micro Pro Musica Press, 235 Byxbee Street, San Francisco, CA 94132-2618. If you wish the manuscript returned, enclose a stamped return envelope with sufficient postage.

Engraving is done at a quality where Micro Pro Musica Press determines the fine details of the engraving process. If you want more control over the process then include a document with more instructions with your manuscript. This can be text in an email of a separate attached document in Word (no later than 2004) or in RTF (Rich Text Format). You can be as precise in your instructions as you wish. If it costs more time than the quote will increase. If you don't send instructions, we will use our Standard Instructions.

You can also have the engraved manuscript sent to you as a Finale 2006 file for an additional US$30.00. You will still receive the PDF. You, also, can have a paper copy sent to you for an additional charge. See below.

2. Unless requested, your quote will be returned by email to your return email address. So be sure your return address is correct otherwise emails to you will go to the great bit bucket in the sky and will never be seen again. Your quote is good until midnight on the seventh day. After that contact us by email as your quote may still be good. MPMP prefers payment by Paypal to the email of

3. The quote will be for a PDF of the engraved manuscript sent to you by email and will have a price in US Dollars and will have the minimum length of time that MPMP will require to do the engraving. The price is firm, but the length of time is only my best guestimate of how long the engraving will take. (i.e. that is the time at which you can start bugging us as to when the engraving will be done.)

Micro Pro Musica Press roughly bases its quotes on US$0.50 per staff-measure. However, staff measures with more notes or symbols will be charged more, so don't make your piece in 24/4 to reduce the cost.

An initial transposition is no charge. If you wish further transpositions, the price will be raised US$0.10 per staff measure. One verse of lyrics is no charge. Additional verses are US$0.10 per staff-measure. In all cases you are not charged for staff-measures that have no content. For instance, if you have a manuscript with a series of full measure rests, there is no charge for those measures.

4. To start the engraving, send us an email authorizing the engraving.

5. When the engraving is finished, we will send you an email with PDFs of the first section and last section of your engraved manuscript. The numer of pages sent will be no more that one fourth of the engraved manuscript.

6. When we receive notification of payment than we will send the engraved manuscript by email in PDF form and the Finale 2006 file if requested. If you want physical sheets of the engraving, they will cost US$0.20 on plain paper or US$0.50 per sheet on photo paper plus cost of shipping and handling. We can only print on letter size (8 1/2" x 11") paper. And, of course we will need your address. If your address is in California, we will add a tax of 8.5%. Shipping outside of the country will be at cost plus handling. Be sure that people in the US can ship to your country, and you of course are liable for all import duties.

7. You have one chance within two weeks to notice any errors in the engraving of your manuscript. For any substantive changes we will have to go through the quote process again.