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Micro Pro Musica Press was formed in 1985 by Dr. Harry Bernstein, DMA and Bill Severson to provide music copying and arranging, typesetting and publishing services using a micro-computer. We have copied a variety of different types of music including a 17th century serenata (an extended form similar to cantata), an orchestral score written by a prize-winning composer at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, chamber music, songs and choral scores.

We use Finale® by Coda Music Technology. With this powerful software, we are able to produce scores of professional quality.

Here is how to get your manuscript engraved.

But this is not the only way. We can work with scores, tapes and MIDI files. Special formatting requirements and rush service can also affect our price. Whether you require lead sheets or an orchestral score with parts, we will work to meet your needs. Large or small, no job is unimportant.

Here is a list of sheet music for sale.

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