Sample Performances

Samples given here arin the MP3 format, and should be usable with any player that will play MP3 format files. All sample performances are copyright 2003 by the respective artists in the sample.

All samples are MP3 files, and should be playable by your PC if it can play other MP3 files. Please note that MP3 files can be quite large and will take about 10 minutes per megabyte on a 56KB conncection to download!

Antonin Dvorak - Slavonic Dance in Ab, Opus 46, #6
Piano Duet
Golden Age Ensemble
File size is 4.4 megabytes


Samuel Barber - Sure OnThis Shining Night
William Severson, Baritone
Golden Age Ensemble
File size is 2.3 megabytes





Traditional - Freylach


Flanders and Swann - Hippopotamus Song
William Severson - Baritone
Golden Age Ensemble

Traditional - The Worm Song
Harry Bernstein - Tenor

Overweight People
File Size is 2.8 megabytes

Kevin Olson - Jazz Swuite
A Swing Thing
File Size is 2.3 megabytes

Kevin Olson - Jazz Swuite
A Lttle Latin
File Size is 6 megabytes

A Jazz Walk - Martha Mier